Quality Policy

Riva Engineering aims to lead the medical and industrial water treatment systems field with compliance of the medical quality management system standards and to benefit from the modern information and technology opportunities in the light of continuous development philosophy with the help of employees who share the same belief and provide customer satisfaction and trust as quality policy.
In this context, in line with the principle of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction;
To collect customer suggestions, requests and complaints related to all of our models in a single source in a clear, impartial, transparent and secure manner,
To evaluate these records in a lawful, objective, fair and confidential manner,
To reach our quality targets and targets determined by all internal and external coworkers,
To reach our quality targets and targets determined with all our internal and external coworkers,
To meet medical and administrative legislation and customer requirements,
Including all suggestions and customer satisfaction within the scope of production, technical service and management system and ensuring the continuous improvement of our quality,
And to provide excellence and customer satisfaction.